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Pipes and the Floating Air Pumps are crafted by using the Fabricator. They allow the player to pump Oxygen from the surface.

The Base-attached Air Pump can be constructed using the Habitat Builder, which allows the player to pump Oxygen from a Seabase instead of the surface. This may be a more preferable choice for areas too deep to use the Floating Air Pump.

Note that the function of pipes and air pumps is not to supply a base with oxygen, but to create a location underwater where breatheable air is accessible to the player. Pipes cannot supply a base with oxygen.


Pipes allow the player to create a network of interconnected Pipes with readily available Oxygen underwater.

The Base-attached Air Pump pumps Oxygen through Pipes from a Seabase without the need to place Pipes at the surface.

A Pipe must be connected to an Air Pump in order to carry oxygen. A player's Standard O₂ Tank will start filling once they swim near an active Pipe.

How to Use

  1. Place a Floating Air Pump above the water.
  2. Connect a Pipe to the Floating Air Pump. The Pipe will be shown at the end of the first Pipe.
  3. The Base-attached Air Pump can be placed on a Seabase to pump oxygen through Pipes without having to place Pipes at/from the water surface.
  4. If the player swims near the end of a Pipe, they will automatically receive Oxygen.


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Data Bank Entry

Air Pumps PDA Encyclopedia

Air pumps can be used to pipe breathable air to a remote location.

  • The base-attached airpump can be built at a compatible habitat, and will source oxygen directly from the habitat's oxygen generator
  • The floating airpump must have access to breathable air, and be floating on the water's surface
  • Pumps must be connected to a pipe chain to function