Pipes and the Pipe Surface Floater are crafted by using the Fabricator. They allow the player to pump Oxygen from the surface.

The Base Pipe Connector can be constructed using the Builder, which allows the player to pump Oxygen from a Seabase instead of the surface. This may be a more preferable choice for areas too deep to use a Pipe Surface Floater.

Usage Edit

Pipes allow the player to create a network of interconnected Pipes with readily available Oxygen underwater.

The Base Pipe Connector pumps Oxygen through Pipes from a Seabase without the need to place Pipes at the surface.

A pipe must be connected to a Pipe Surface Floater or a Base Pipe Connector in order to carry oxygen. A player's [[Standard O2 Tank]] will start filling once they swim near a Pipe.

How to Use Edit

  1. Place a Pipe Surface Floater above the water.
  2. Connect a Pipe to a Pipe Surface Floater. The Pipe will be shown at the end of the first Pipe.
  3. The Base Pipe Connector can be placed on a Seabase to pump oxygen through Pipes without having to place Pipes at the water surface.
  4. If the player swims near the end of a Pipe, they will automatically receive Oxygen.


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