The Picture Frame is an item that can be placed inside the Cyclops or inside a Seabase module. It allows the player to view a slideshow of pictures. Picture Frames can be constructed with the Habitat Builder.

The player is able to take pictures of the environment with their PDA. The pictures can then be displayed by the Picture Frame. The Picture Frame can display a single picture or be set to display a slideshow.

Before the Picture Frame can be constructed the player must scan a Picture Frame Fragment which can be located in certain Wrecks.

How to UseEdit

  • Set up a photo shot
  • Press F11 - Take picture button
  • Open PDA to see the photo
  • Face the Picture Frame
  • Click the upload menu
  • Set picture (Left click)
  • Done

Custom ImagesEdit

While the Picture Frame is intended to display screenshots it is also possible to import custom photos. Screenshot images are stored at:

(Steam game folder)\SteamApps\common\Subnautica\Subnautica_Data\SNAppData\SavedGames\slot(xxxx)\screenshots


(Steam game folder)\SteamApps\common\Subnautica\SNAppData\SavedGames\slot(xxxx)\screenshots

depending on which release you have.

For Mac versions, the location is under the steam game folder at:


Note: is the application package (this may be a bug and has been reported)

To import a custom photo to the Picture Frame, simply move an image into the screenshots folder. For the photo to fit in the Picture Frame properly it must be 800x600 resolution.


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  • The bottom on the Picture Frame reads "Alterra". Alterra is a corporation also known from the game Natural Selection 2, which was developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.