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Then I thought I saw a light, deep below me. I hoped maybe Bart had swum clear. I followed it. Now I wonder whether I saw anything at all. My oxygen is low. The habitat is gone. I can't see the sky. Something surely has the scent of my blood.

― Paul Torgal, Data Downloads


Paul Torgal was the captain of the Mongolian vessel, the Degasi, as well as the CEO of Torgal Corp. He, alongside his son Bart Torgal and a hired mercenary named Marguerit Maida, were the lone survivors of the Degasi, after it crashed on Planet 4546B. During the months that followed, Paul had several arguments with Marguerit, regarding Marguerit's wishes to continue to delve deeper into the planet's ocean. Despite his protests, Paul and the others eventually ended up in the Jelly Shroom Caves, and then the Deep Grand Reef. Here, they were attacked by an unknown leviathan class creature, leaving Paul with no means of survival. It is assumed that Paul died from lack of oxygen after he followed a light he saw below him.




  • Paul's original name was Paal, in earlier development.