The Narrow Bed is an appliance that can be built using the Habitat Builder. A Bed is a larger, more expensive variant of this appliance.

The Narrow Bed has the same linen on it as Bed 2, but only one pillow. Narrow Beds can be placed in a Cyclops or at the center of a Multipurpose Room. One Fragment must be scanned in order to obtain the Blueprint. The Fragment looks like the bed itself and can be found in Degasi Seabases or Wrecks.


The Narrow Bed allows the user to lay down on it. Much like the Bench when sat on, laying on the Narrow Bed conserves the Player's Food and H2O levels. The player can also sleep to skip time. When getting up from the Narrow Bed, the Player will sit up, and stretch upwards.  

Recipe Edit

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