You are currently inside a long-calcified root system. Evidence suggests it was eaten away by other lifeforms over many centuries to form these natural caves.

― PDA, Dialogue


The Mushroom Forest Caves are a small cave systems characterised by life forms and coral structures typical to the Mushroom Forest.

Here, Bioluminescent plants, such as Grue Clusters, guide the player through many of its passages.

There are currently two Mushroom Forest Caves known to exist:

  • The first cave can be found inside the stem of a very large Tree Mushroom within the Mushroom Forest, towards the Northwest of the map, with many entrances both at the top and the bottom.
  • The second one is situated in another Mushroom Forest but it is also connected to the Bulb Zone Caves, the entrance to which can be located in the Bulb Zone. This Cave is particularly large (Larger than the first Cave) and is made up of long, winding tunnels that lead to and from a large central cave found inside.


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