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After weeks without human contact it is normal to experience psychological discomfort. Research indicates symptoms may be partly alleviated by adopting a pet, or anthropomorphizing an inanimate object.


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The Moonpool is a Seabase module. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder. Its practically the most useful module to have in a seabase as its functions include the deployment and customization of the Seamoth and the Prawn Suit.

To unlock the Moonpool Blueprint, the player must scan two of its Fragments. These can be found in Wrecks, or the Mushroom Forest.

The Seabase that the Moonpool is attached to must have power (except in Creative Mode) in order to dock vehicles. It can, however, undock vehicles without power. Docked vehicles will be charged from the base's Energy, consuming the base's Energy to restore an equivalent amount of Energy to the vehicle's Power Cells. The rate of charging at a Moonpool is much faster than if one were to use a Power Cell Charger.

It is recommended to have an appropriate amount of space between the bottom entrance of the Moonpool and the sea floor. It should be built far enough so that a Seamoth will not crash into the seafloor when it ejects, but close enough so that a Prawn Suit can easily reach the entrance with its thrusters.

The Moonpool also allows the player to access their base from the water via two ladders on either end of the bottom entrance. This allows the player to freely exit and enter the Seabase outside their vehicle without needing to use a hatch.

The Vehicle Upgrade Console can only be constructed in the Moonpool. It allows the player to customize their docked vehicle and fabricate upgrades for it.


  • Hatches can be placed on the side-panels.
  • Windows can be placed on the side-panels.
  • Reinforcements can be placed on the side-panels.
  • Wall Planters can be placed on the side-panels.
  • Basic Compartments can be placed on the side-panels.
  • The Moonpool can be expanded with other modules from its six side-panels.
  • The Vehicle Upgrade Console can only be constructed in the Moonpool on one of the side-panels.


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Data Bank Entry

Moonpool Data Bank Image

The moonpool is an essential module for long-term exploration. Its primary function is as a dry dock for small vehicles such as the Seamoth and Prawn suit.

The large central chamber contains a pressurized pool which provides ready access to the surrounding waters, and comes as standard with equipment for raising and recharging a vehicle.

When outfitted with a vehicle modification station the moonpool can be used to build and equip vehicle upgrades.


  • Dimensions: 16m x 10m x 5m
  • Connection points: 6
  • Habitat hull strength liability at sea level: -5 (equivalent 4 rooms)
  • Capacity: 1 Seamoth / Prawn suit
  • High power consumption