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The Ming Plant is a non-hazardous type of flora found exclusively on the Floating Island. By using the knife to slice it, the player can harvest Ming Plant Seeds from it.


The Ming Plant appears to be a purple vase-shaped plant with a network of darker purple cracks on it. It possesses green-blue bioluminescent leaves growing out from the top of the plant's trunk.

Data Bank EntryEdit

A hardy specimen which grows on land. The vase-like trunk protects the root system from predation and self-repairs over time, explaining the characteristics cracks on the side.



  • The Ming Plant was originally called the Purple Vase Plant.
  • The design of the Ming Plant is extremely similar to that of ordinary sea-anemones. This suggests convergent evolution and the presence of even more similarities.
  • The "Ming" in its name is likely a reference to its vase-like shape. "Ming Vases" (Chinese porcelain works created during the Ming dynasty) are known in popular culture as extremely expensive vases.