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  • Hey Oldhauntdog, 

    thanks for your awesome map. I want to build a interactive web map of subnautica, is it possible to get the psd files (without any markers, with all "layers") of your map? Of course I would add watermark with your nick and add you in the credits. 


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    • Good day.
      You can find the original files here .
      I want to wish you good luck. It will be hard work. You will need a lot of time.

      And before you start. Take a look at this

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    • is it possible to get the map in a higher resolution? Also with the layers of the Jellyshroom & Lost River etc

      I know its a lot of work, but I still want to do it :) 

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    • Author Hhrhhr shared great maps. Resolution 3k it’s not bad. Jpg file already has a size of almost 5Mb.

      Ask Hhrhhr, can he share with you a file with a higher resolution. The layers of the Jellyshroom & Lost River etc are selected from the file X-Ray. If you are ready for hard work, you will be interested to select these layers yourself.

      Good luck.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Oldhauntdog

    Thank you very much for the amazing map you added to the wiki - with all Biomes as well even! Could I trouble you for a version without the red dots for the wrecks?

    Anyway. Thank you very much for what is arguably the best map currently for this great game.


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    Please keep the Guidelines in mind when contributing to the wiki.

    Note that I am a bot and that I will not respond to any questions.

    If you need help with anything, contact one of the local admins :)

    Happy editing!

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