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This article contains unmarked spoilers, players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious toward this article.

The Standard 2-Berth Emergency Lifepod 5 is the vessel in which the player survives the crash of the Aurora, and which becomes their starting location at the beginning of Subnautica, landing in the Safe Shallows.

The Lifepod has two openings: a hatch on the ceiling, which can be reached from the inside by climbing a ladder, and another one underneath it and submerged. The internals of the vessel suffered damages during the crash and are smoldering after a fire erupted inside. The Lifepod Systems and the Communications Relay can be repaired using the Repair Tool, respectively turning on the lights in the pod and enabling messages.

The Lifepod houses a Fabricator which will be visited often in the early stages of the game, a small amount of storage with a few survival equipment and rations, a Fire Extinguisher which can be used to put out the fire in the beginning of the game, a mounted Medical Kit Fabricator generating First Aid Kits every 30 minutes and the Communications Relay broadcasting emergency messages and distress calls.

During the intro sequence, the player is climbing inside the Lifepod, escaping from the Aurora. A panel can be seen flying off the opposite wall, exposing wires and slamming into his face, knocking him out.  

Once he wakes up, the player quickly notices that the Lifepod is on fire, which has to be put out using the Fire Extinguisher. After this, the PDA boots up.  

Energy UsageEdit

Energy is provided to the Lifepod by three Self-Charging Power Cells on the bulkhead, with a capacity of 25 charges each. The Fabricator will drain energy from the power cells when used, and they will recharge themselves over time. The Fabricator will not drain energy in Creative Mode

Data Bank EntryEdit

Standard Features:

  • Short-range communications relay (250km uninterrupted range)
  • Wall-mounted fabricator for survival equipment manufacture, and for rendering organic substances edible
  • Medical kit fabricator
  • Onboard air-break and flotation devices, for land, sea or space recovery
  • Solar power cells x3
  • Emergency exits in the floor and roof

Standard Provisions:

  • 2x All-Environment Protection Suits
  • 2x Ready-to-eat nutrient blocks
  • 2x Drinking water provision
  • 1x Emergency medkit
  • 2x Emergency flares

NB Some lifepods may be equipped with different supplies, such as radiation suits and replacement parts. Board the right lifepod for the right situation.


For a more complete gallery, visit Lifepod 5/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • The Lifepod is fitted with two seats, although only one seat is used by one person: the player.
  • The Lifepod is missing several items from its standard provisions inventory: one Scanner, one Nutrient Block, one Filtered Water bottle, one Flashlight and the assorted replacement parts. It has however an additional Flare.
  • The various equipment aboard the Lifepod are branded Alterra, meaning the Lifepod has been designed or built by the Alterra Corporation. A similar brand can be found on some tools in the game Natural Selection 2, which was also developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • It was mentioned by Cory Strader that the reason that Lifepod 5 is intact is because of sheer luck, as the player "ejected at the right time". 
  • In the console if you type sub escapepod it will spawn the lifepod behind you and it will teleport you inside