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Lava Geysers are areas of the ocean floor that spew out lava and steam. Some of the craters can be found deep in caves and others may be found in the open ocean. Lava Geysers are also classed as miniature biomes.

Every few seconds, the craters erupt, much like geysers, tossing steam and chunks of lava into the water surrounding it. They can only be observed from a safe distance, as their eruptions will cause massive damage to the Player. Even approaching the area near the geyser damages the player due to the extreme amount of heat. However, the Prawn Suit can be used to protect the player from heat, enabling them to explore and collect resources near the geysers such as harvesting nodes or cooked edible fish.

The temperature of the geysers makes them a great place to use the Thermal Plant to produce energy and then transmit it to a Power Transmitter.

Seabases will not protect you from eruption damage. Any wandering fish in the area that die of the eruptions or that come into contact with the lava will turn into their respective cooked forms, assuming that they have one.

Lava Geysers can be found in following biomes:

Gallery Edit

For a more complete gallery, visit Lava Geyser/Gallery.

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