The subject of this article was not implemented in Version 1.0 and information is limited!

The Large Bird (placeholder name) is a species of fauna not yet implemented.


The Large Bird closely resembles the Skyray, but is much less compact. The Large Bird has two very large wings measuring about four times the length of their main body section. A tail even longer than their wings trails behind the Large Bird, ending with a triangular vane. On the underside of the Large Bird's body are two small legs similar to those of the Skyray. The head of the Large Bird is very blunt, and doesn't appear to have a beak.

Most of the Large Bird's body is a greenish white color. There are patches of black on the tips and front edges of their wings, on the tail vane, and one their underside stretching from the head to the base of the tail.



  • There were some animations made for the Large Bird as evidenced by an early trello card [1].


  1. Dated July 31, 2014.