The L Glass Compartment is a Seabase module that has the appearance of the letter "L".

It is constructed with the Habitat Builder and can be placed on top of a Foundation or directly on the seafloor. The L Glass Compartment module can also be deconstructed, but all attached components on that single module must be deconstructed first.

At the surface, an L Glass Compartment has an integrity level of 8 and every L Glass Compartment added reduces the integrity by 2 levels. By default, it can be rotated before placement using the mouse wheel.

L Glass Compartments consume 5 energy per minute, like the rest of its counterparts.


  • Hatches can be placed on the single side-panel, the end-panels.
  • Windows can be placed on the single side-panel, the end-panels.
  • Ladders cannot be placed due to the lack of floor and ceiling connection points.
  • Reinforcements cannot be placed due to the lack of side-panels.
  • The L Glass Compartment can be expanded with other modules from its two end-panels.


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