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"Detecting volcanic activity, and several unusual electromagnetic signatures in the region."
―PDA, Dialogue

The Koosh Zone is a unique type of biome bordering one of the Mushroom Forests, the Crash Zone, the Mountains, and the Void.

Description Edit

The Koosh Zone is characterized by small crevices and overhangs in a sandy dune-like area. It is also abundant with small brown algae and a large variety of plants with blueish purple hues, the most notable of which being the Koosh Bush.

The Koosh Zone is home to certain dangerous fauna. Notable predators, such as Bonesharks and Ampeels, can be found scattered throughout the Koosh Zone. Mesmers can also be found to a lesser degree.

Due to its proximity to the Crash Zone, the southern half of the Koosh Zone is subject to radiation. If the player has not repaired the Aurora's drive room, a Radiation Suit is needed to explore the southern region.

There is a cave system located below the Koosh Zone, known as the Koosh Zone Caves. These caves are accessible via any of the three entrances located within the biome. One of the caves links to the Mushroom Forest Caves.

Several Lava Geysers can be found in this biome. This, together with the Koosh Zone Caves, suggests a small amount of volcanic activity in the Koosh Zone.

Wreck 3 is located within the Koosh Zone, containing several fragments.

Future Plans Edit


For a more complete gallery, visit Koosh Zone/Gallery.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite concept art showing a Holefish in the Koosh Zone, no Holefish are found dwelling in this biome
  • The Koosh Zone harbours two Sea Crowns, the rarest flora species in the game; with only six specimens present in the entire map

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