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"My creators, the cherishers and sustainers of worlds, give me this day my daily goods, and allow me my pleasures, as I allow those who seek pleasures from me."
―Jochi Khasar, Data Downloads
Emissary Jochi Khasar was a Mongolian emissary on board the Aurora, his purpose was to search for the missing Mongolian vessel, the Degasi. He escaped from the ship in Lifepod 13, which crashed down in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest soon after launch.


  • Jochi Khasar's words inside his lifepod suggest that he is religious.
    • This is further supported by argument between some of the Alterran Aurora crew and Khasar about the differences between Alterran and Mongolian life, the crew referred to Khasar's arguments as "religious nonsense".

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