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This article is about Interior Pieces. You may be looking for Interior Modules, Exterior Modules, or Miscellaneous Items.

Interior pieces are pieces of equipment that can be crafted with the Habitat Builder. Usually operated electrically or domestically, they are used in Seabases.

Interior Pieces ListEdit

Item Description Category
For connecting two floors. Seabases
Water Filtration Machine
Water Filtration Machine
Separates water and salt. Seabases
Structural support and can stop water flow (+2HP). Seabases
Seamoth Modification Station
Vehicle Modification Station
Build this in the moonpool to upgrade docked vehicles. Seabases
Composts organic matter into electrical energy. Energy
Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Reactor
Processes nuclear reactor rods. Energy
Water Park
Alien Containment
Provides optimal conditions for flora and fauna. Add a hatch to enter. Seabases

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