This article is about Interior Modules. You may be looking for Exterior Modules, Interior Pieces, or Miscellaneous Items.

Interior modules are a group of objects that can be crafted with the Habitat Builder. Usually operated electrically or domestically, purposely for use in the Seabases or in Cyclops.

Interior Modules List

Item Description
Self-sustaining aquatic habitat.
Battery Charger
Battery Charger
Can charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously.
Basic Double Bed
A double bed.
Bed 2
Quilted Double Bed
A double bed with a beautiful gray linen spread.
Narrow Bed
Narrow Bed
A single bed.
Swivel Chair
Turns 360 degrees.
Chair 2
Office Chair
Relaxing and confidence building.
Chair 3
Command Chair
Coffee Vending Machine
Coffee Vending Machine
Synthesizes hydrating, caffeine-free coffee.
Basic survival fabricator. Atomically rearranges raw resources into useful objects.
Indoor Growbed
Interior Growbed
Artificial plant bed, suitable for interior use only.
Locks away things you need to store.
Medical Kit Fabricator
Medical Kit Fabricator
Fabricates a medical kit every 30 minutes.
Modification Station
Modification Station
Advanced fabricator for modification of survival equipment.
Plant Pot
Basic Plant Pot
Titanium pot containing synthetic soil.
Plant Pot 2
Composite Plant Pot
Designed titanium pot containing synthetic soil.
Plant Pot 3
Chic Plant Pot
Upmarket titanium pot containing synthetic soil.
Planter Shelf
Plant Shelf
Wall-mounted plant pot.
Power Cell Charger
Power Cell Charger
Can charge up to 2 power cells simultaneously.
Communications Relay
Receive short-range communications.
Trash Cans
Trash Can
Trash cans.
Lab Trash Can
Nuclear Waste Disposal
Used to dispose of nuclear waste.
Vending Machine
Vending Machine
Vending machine.
Wall Locker
Wall Locker
Wall-mounted storage locker.