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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

This article is about the Inactive Lava Zone Corridor. You may be looking for the Inactive Lava Zone, the Lava Lakes, or the Lava Castle.

The Inactive Lava Zone Corridor is a mini-biome which links the Lost River and Inactive Lava Zone together.

Description Edit

The Inactive Lava Zone Corridors are characterized by large cavernous corridors of hardened lava. Veins of active lava can be found regularly, sometimes ejecting molten boulders. The Corridors continue well below all other biomes and converge into a central chamber. Resources such as Kyanite and Aluminum Oxide Crystals are frequent in this biome which come in useful in Survival.

This Corridor leads to the Inactive Lava Zone, so it serves as the entrance to that particular Biome.