Seabase interior

Hull Integrity is a feature that affects Seabases. When the player is building their Seabase they should pay attention to the hull strength, as it drops each time the player adds a module to their Seabase. Once the seabase's hull strength, or Hull Integrity reaches zero the Seabase will flood with water.

A Seabase starts with a base integrity of ten, however, this does not include the additional +2.0 the Foundation adds. The depth of your Seabase influences how quickly Hull Integrity is reduced, and a Seabase above water does not influence Hull Integrity. There is no Hull Integrity in Creative Mode.

When a Seabase is flooded, the breaches that appear inside must be repaired with the Repair Tool, but the Hull Integrity must be increased or else more breaches will appear, and the Seabase will continue to flood.

Module Integrity Values

Each module in a seabase changes the value of the hull strength. Here is a list of current modules and their base changes (x1.0 depth multiplier) to seabase Hull Integrity:

Seabase element Change to hull integrity Notes
Foundation +2.0
Basic Compartment -1.0
L Compartment -1.0
T Compartment -1.0
X Compartment -1.0
Vertical Connector -0.5
Hatch -1.0
Bulkhead +2.0
Ladder N/A
Reinforcement +7.0
Window -1.0
Glass Compartment -2.0
L Glass Compartment -2.0
Multipurpose Room -1.25 The game rounds the displayed number up to -1.3, but it is functionally -1.25
Observatory -3.0
Moonpool -5.0
Scanner Room -1.0
Water Filtration Machine -2.0

Depth Multiplier

As you build deeper underwater, negative influences on Hull Integrity are multiplied.

  • Negative changes are multiplied by the depth multiplier: a window that is built with a x1.5 depth multiplier will give -1.5 Hull Integrity (instead of -1.0).
  • Positive changes to Hull Integrity do not vary by depth: a foundation will always give +2.0 Hull Integrity no matter how deep it is built.
  • Anything above 100 meters does not affect the depth multiplier.

Formula for depth multiplier:

M = Depth Multiplier d = Depth

if d <= 0, M = 0 (There is no change to Hull Integrity above the water)

if 0 < d < 100, M = 1.0

if d >= 100, M = ((d - 100)/1000) + 1.0

What this actually means: Every meter after 100 will add 0.001 to the depth multiplier.

Depth Multiplier Chart:

Please note that the depth multiplier changes every meter, not just at the increments in the table. For example, a depth of 276m would have a depth multiplier of x1.176.

Depth Depth Multiplier
<= 100m x1.0
200m x1.1
300m x1.2
400m x1.3
500m x1.4
600m x1.5
700m x1.6
800m x1.7
900m x1.8
1000m x1.9
1100m x2.0
1600m x2.5
2100m x3.0
2600m x3.5
3040m x3.94 (Max Depth)