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The Hoverfish is a passive herbivorous life form belonging to the fauna category. It is catchable and edible.

The Hoverfish mainly populates the Kelp Forest, where it slowly swims around the Creepvines, or hovers above patches of seagrass.


The Hoverfish has a teardrop-shaped body with three legs on each side for a total of six. On its head are two black eyes and a wide mouth. The legs each have a small, circular pad surrounded by a thin, transparent membrane along the edges.

The Hoverfish's skin is mostly green in color, except for its back which features blue-white speckles. The dorsal dots, along with its padded appendages, are capable of emitting bright bioluminescent glows.


As its name implies, the Hoverfish "hovers" in the water currents between the Creepvines, and "swims" rather slowly.

Upon being approached by the player, the creature will not flee.

The Hoverfish will approach other fish, and push them around. It will also do this to deceased fish.

When held by the player, the Hoverfish will blink and move around in the player's hand, this is merely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.

Uses in CraftingEdit

HoverfishArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Cooked Hoverfish
HoverfishSalt DepositArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Cured Hoverfish

Energy ValueEdit

HoverfishArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×115

Future PlansEdit

Data Bank EntryEdit


A small, cautious herbivore commonly found in shallower environments.

  1. Charged Footpads:
    Six unique limb appendages feature charged pads capable of ionizing the surrounding water. The hoverfish appears to use this ability to maintain its position against the current as it feeds from kelp and lichen.

Assessment: Edible



  • A message displayed by the PDA upon the player first acquiring a cooked Hoverfish suggests that the flavour of the meat leaves something to be desired.

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