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This article is about the Hardened Blade. You may be looking for the Survival Knife or the Thermoblade.

The Hardened Blade is an upgrade to the regular Survival Knife and is crafted by using the Modification Station.

In general, it can be used as a tool for harvesting or defense.

The Hardened Blade has a limited durability of about 200 strikes against an object, which is two times the durability of a normal Survival Knife.

It does more damage than the Survival Knife but less than the Thermoblade.

If a Bleeder latches onto the player's arm, the player can use the Hardened Blade to stab the Bleeder.


Survival KnifeDiamondArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Hardened Blade

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Trivia Edit

  • Markings on the Hardened Blade indicate that it was made by "Alterra Arms Incorporated". Alterra is a corporation also known from the game Natural Selection 2, which was developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment.
  • Striking an object makes a small blue flash appear from the Hardened Knife.
  • The Hardened Blade is the only weapon capable of killing a Reaper Leviathan. It takes ~192 hits. It is advised to bring a Stasis Rifle while attempting this.
  • The former name for the Hardened Blade was the Diamond Knife.

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