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The Grub Basket is a terrestrial non-hazardous type of life form belonging to the flora category. Currently, it is purely cosmetic and has no other use.

By using a knife, the player can harvest Grub Basket Seeds from the Grub Baskets.


The Grub Basket consists of eight large fleshy orange leaves that are arranged in sets of four on two levels. The broad ends of each leaf are segmented into five smaller, rounded ends.

The Grub Basket's stalk has orange and brown stripes repeated from the bottom of the stem to the base of the leaves,with the bottom having the most defined stripes and the base of the leaves having faint stripes.

Data Bank EntryEdit

An orange-colored land plant which usually contains a thick, protein-rich sludge at its base. This may suggest a carnivorous lifecycle, wherein grubs and insects are attracted to the bright petals, make their way to the center of the plant, but are unable to scale back up the slick inner leaves and are ultimately digested.



  • The Grub Basket was originally called the Orange Petals Plant.

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