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This article is about the Grand Reef. You may be looking for the Deep Grand Reef, the Grand Reef Caves, or the Sea Treader's Path.

The Grand Reef is a unique deep biome in Subnautica that covers the southwestern portion of the map.

Description Edit

The Grand Reef is home to many types of fauna, including the large herbivorous Sea Treader. It is also known for its unique types of flora, from the luminous Floating Stones to the peculiar Membrain Trees.

Below this area, the player can find a large cavern system featuring the similar types of flora and fauna, with the addition of Crabsquids and Jellyrays and the absence of the Sea Treader. Above the Grand Reef, is the Floating Island.

Commonly found harvesting nodes in the Grand Reef are basalt outcrops, as well as many other type of rare crystals.

Scattered deep within the Grand Reef are hydrothermal vents, five in total.

Future Plans Edit


For a more complete gallery, visit Grand Reef/Gallery.


  • In earlier builds, the Grand Reef had large pillar-like spikes, some of which were visible above the surface. However, these were removed, and was explained to be temporary. 
  • Certain structures have curious house-like caverns, very reminiscent of grotto-homes in primitive cultures. 

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