This article is about the Giveaway Items. You may be looking for Miscellaneous Items.
 Giveaway Items are in-development placeable items built using the Habitat Builder. They can only be placed inside of the Cyclops or Seabases.

This feature is in development, so not all of it has been implemented yet.

At the moment, the access to these items is restricted. One either needs to have purchased the Subnautica Special Edition or have a special activation code that can be redeemed in an in-game menu. Redeeming a code successfully adds the item in question to the player's Steam inventory and unlocks it inside the game.

Most of them are dedicated to certain Youtubers. All Giveaway Items except the Special Edition Hull Plate and the models are tradable inside the Steam economy.

For common players, these other variants are not available; the redeem code is given to the rightful owner and only that person can build it in-game.

Trivia Edit

  • The flavour text for the Bikeman Hull Plate is a reference to DayZ, a zombie survival mod for the game ARMA 2. "Cherno" is a nickname for Chernogorsk, the largest city in the mod.
  • The flavour text for the EatMyDiction Hull Plate refers to Diction's frequent and popular "drunk streams", in which he and his friends get extremely intoxicated while playing and livestreaming videogames.