The Giant Cove Tree is a unique species of flora. The only specimen known to exist can be found within the Tree Cove of the Lost River. This makes it the rarest species of flora in the game. All of the brine around the tree is blue in color, rather than the green brine found elsewhere in the Lost River, whether or not the Giant Cove Tree is the cause for this alteration in coloration is unknown.


The Giant Cove Tree consists of a large main trunk, brown in color that splits off into many smaller, bioluminescent fuchsia tipped branches. Most of these branches surround a huge transparent egg,[1] along with two similar, yet smaller egg-like structures found lower down on the tree.

The lower portion of the tree consists of many large roots, dropping down into the surrounding brine pool.

The egg consists of a transparent, blue tinged membrane and a glowing blue 'embryo' within.

Data Bank Entry Edit

Cove Tree Data Bank Entry

This vast tree supports a thriving local ecosystem.




  • The brine found in the Tree Cove is blue in color, instead of the green brine found elsewhere in the Lost River. The blue brine is also safe to swim through, not harming the player like the green brine in the other areas of the Lost River.


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