This article is about the Ghostray. You may be looking for the Crimson Ray or the Jellyray.

The Ghostray is a passive fauna species, that spawns in various areas around the Lost River.

The Ghostray emits a very loud, droning sound.


The Ghostray is very large, and possesses a body structure similar to that of real life manta rays. It's inner body resembles that of a Jellyray, while its outer body resembles that of a Crimson Ray. It is entirely translucent and emits a cyan bioluminescence. It has two glowing red organs behind the eyes, as well as another, non-bioluminescent, organ just above the base of the tail.


The Ghostray is a docile creature, spending a majority of its time swimming aimlessly around the Giant Cove Tree in the Tree Cove, in the Bones Field, and in the Ghost Canyon.


Data Bank Entry

Ghost Ray Encyclopedia

This ray species has adapted to deep-sea conditions. Its body is fully protected by a translucent skin, and its large wings are capable of generating considerable thrust.

  1. Poisonous Flesh:
    As is common for rays on 4546B the ghostray's flesh is inedible, making it one of the more resilient herbivores.
  2. Feeding Behavior:
    Feeds on plant matter that has settled on the ground in deep sea caverns.

Assessment: Inedible



  • The Ghostray is closely related to the Jellyray.
    • This also means that it is distantly related to the Rabbit Ray.
  • There is a subspecies of the Ghostray, called the Crimson Ray, that is found in the Inactive Lava Zone and Lava Lakes.
  • The Ghostray's sounds were created from that of a whale.[1]