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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

The Ghost Leviathan is a life form belonging to the fauna category. It is currently the second largest aggressive creature of Subnautica, and the third largest overall. Six Ghost Leviathans currently spawn in-game: three juveniles in the Lost River (one in the Ghost Forest, one in the Bones Field, and a third in the Mountains connection) and three adults, two of which spawn in the Grand Reef, and one in the Northern Blood Kelp Zone.

A single Ghost Leviathan spawns when the player enters the Void. If the player continues to reside there, another Ghost Leviathan will spawn, increasing in number the longer the player stays. They will swim back into the Void and despawn when the player leaves.

The Giant Cove Tree is the nesting ground of this leviathan species (although they are not present around the tree), with its massive glowing bulbs being their eggs. According to PDA scan entries of the Cove tree, the eggs were laid there when the tree was small, and it has grown around the eggs to protect them. The Ghost Leviathans' life cycle begins in the Lost River, as juveniles. As the leviathans mature and become too large for their home, they migrate to the open, surface world biomes such as the Grand Reef and Blood Kelp Zone, until eventually migrating to the Void, continuing to grow and roam freely in the open water.[1][2] Despite being much smaller than the Sea Emperor Leviathan, its eggs are far larger.


The Ghost Leviathan has a transparent outer covering, over a blue inner body which features many dark blue stripes, four yellow, bioluminescent eyes as well as six small fins on the torso section. A small, decorative sail sits on top of the head, and two long structures protruding from either side of its head which bear similarities to the blades of a hammerhead shark. It has a rectangular mouth with a glowing barbule lure beneath and a long body that tapers to a point.

The outer body is transparent, making the smaller, inner body visible. The inner body is long and thin, and covered in pulsating, bioluminescent orange stripes. The inner body also has multiple small protrusions tipped with blinking bioluminescent orange glows. Unlike the outer body, the inner body has a distinct, thin neck that joins the head and body.

As the leviathan moves through the water, it leaves many water trails behind it. It is also slightly larger than the Reaper Leviathan if it is in the Lost River, and roughly twice the size when in the Void, Blood Kelp, and Grand Reef.


To attack a target, it will spiral up and charge. When charging, it will open up its mouth and make a loud, echoing screech. If it successfully attacks, it will do 85 damage to the player and swim some distance away, as if losing interest.


Data Bank Entries

Ghost Leviathan-0

This creature must be one of the largest on the planet.

- Muscled interior body surrounded by a translucent outer membrane
- Body coloration suggest adaptation for deep, low-light environments
- Probable migratory behaviour; this specimen was likely born far from where you encountered it
- Light-weight and agile, capable of charging its prey

Assessment: Avoid

Ghost Leviathan-0

This vast predator has adapted to live in deep waters and dark cave systems, hunting anything and everything.

- Soft outer membrane and elongated body enable navigation of tight cave environments
- Length measures in excess of all reaper leviathans encountered
- This specimen is still growing and shows no indication of stopping

Assessment: Avoid


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  • The sounds of the Ghost Leviathan were created from two people screaming and noises from a bull.[3]


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