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The Gel Sack is an edible flora species that can also be used to craft Aerogel.

It is usually found attached to the walls of caves. It can be either picked up or harvested for Gel Sack Spores by using a Knife. Both items can then be planted in an Exterior Growbed.


The Gel Sack is hemispheric in shape and has a blackish green surface covered with thick, twisted ridges. Randomly scattered across its surface are protruding, bioluminescent purple spots.

Uses in Crafting

Gel SackRubyArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Aerogel

Energy Value

Gel SackArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×245

Data Bank Entry

Gel Sack Data Bank Image

These organic structures grow on cave walls. The purple sacks which arise from the surface contain a low-density gel laced with spores. These burst from time to time, floating towards the surface and attaching onto the next rock face they encounter.

While the gel sack is edible, its low-density renders it an invaluable advanced construction material.

Assessment: Edible - Aerogel construction applications



  • The Gel Sack was originally called the Jelly Plant and the Spore Sack.
  • Gel Sacks are unique among edible flora in that they will not rot and can be stored indefinitely.
  • Gel Sacks are also one of the only edibles that will not trigger a 'blood loss detected' effect, no matter how many are eaten at one time.
  • Gel Sacks produce the most energy in the Bioreactor of any marine flora.
  • A good source of Gel Sacks used to be the Safe Shallows trench by the Aurora, but Gel Sacks have since been removed from that location.
  • There is a bug with gel sacks. The one in the Lost River multiplies upon touch.
  • Upon yielding 6 seeds, gel sacks break apart. Due to a bug, the pieces don't disappear.
  • It is possible to harvest both seeds and the actual Gel Sack from one Gel Sack by only harvesting some of the Sack's available seeds and then collecting the Gel Sack.