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The Gasopod is a fairly large defensive herbivorous life form belonging to the fauna category. It can be found in the Safe Shallows slowly cruising through the water.

The Gasopod is able to damage the player by releasing its green, acidic gas pods from its tail. These can be used as ammunition for the Propulsion Cannon.

Gas Pods can be harvested if the Player is quick enough to harvest them before they explode. These can be used to craft Seamoth Gas Torpedos.

Gas Pods can not be obtained by killing Gasopods.


The Gasopod is a pinniped creature with a swollen, nearly spherical body that ends in a rotund tail. Its weight is concentrated mostly in its tail, and its skin consists of large, leathery scales while the skin on its large, round belly is smooth in texture, and the area around the tail is covered in large, green-yellow pods.

The Gasopod has two large, circular eyes with broad, unblinking eyelids and a wrinkled trunk ending in a cylindrical mouth with five holes comprising the mouth, the largest of which contains several long tooth-like spikes. The face and mouth have a distinctive gas mask-like look. Two small ear-like fins extend from its neck and it has large, paddle-like flippers that protrude towards its sides. It also features a dorsal fin towards its rear end.

The Gasopod's eyes are of the same color as their pods. The Gasopod's back is a bluish gray, while the belly is a light khaki color.


The Gasopod is not hostile toward the player and will not attack the player directly. However, if the player or another creature perceived as threatening approaches it carelessly, the Gasopod will detach a few of its own pods, which eventually explode into a cloud of poisonous fluid after a few seconds. The gas will harm the player as well as other life forms in its path. The relatively slow speed of the Gasopod, likely due to its massive size, allows the player to retreat easily if this happens.

At night, the Gasopod will move significantly slower and most commonly stop in the water, giving the indication that they are "sleeping". The Gasopod's defensive radius is much smaller, however it will still detach pods from its tail if something should get too close.

Gasopods can often be found in small groups of around 2-3. 

Gasopods can be stunned by using the Stasis Rifle or attaching a few floaters to them.  

While inside the Gasopods poisonous cloud, the player will rapidly take 9% damage, and have an increased decline in nutrition. Upon leaving the cloud, the player will quickly regenerate all lost health.  

Energy ValueEdit

GasopodArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×800
Gasopod EggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×100

Data Bank EntryEdit


A slow-moving lifeform capable of filling the water with a poisonous and corrosive compound capable of dissolving even synthetic fibers.

  1. Filtration System:
    Multiple gill layers appear to render this creature impervious to the noxious clouds it produces.
  2. Algae Gland:
    A bulbous, sack-like appendage on the rear end. A luminescent yellow algae grows inside the sack and produces the poisonous compound. Abdominal muscles contract when the creature is stimulated, causing the algae gland to emit the noxious compound into the surrounding water.
  3. Large Pelvic Fins:
    Capable of powerful movement through the water when moving in small herds.

Gasopods appear to be social in nature, and may even use their emissions in their relationship rituals.

Assessment: Use caution


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