This skeleton is enormous and ancient, approximately three million years old, found in the Bone Fields. The skeleton belonged to an eel-like, Leviathan Class super-predator dwarfing both the Sea Dragon Leviathan and Sea Emperor Leviathan, despite only being around one third of the whole skeleton. The remains consist of a huge, reptillian-esque skull and sixteen pairs of huge ribs. The skeleton is covered in flora and coral. The skull is so large that a Cyclops can fit inside its jaws. The Precursors were also studying these remains, as evidenced by small, angular indentations on the ribcage, as well as the Disease Research Facility being partially set up to study it. Smaller versions of its ribs and be seen in the entrance to the Lost River Junction, Their is also a smaller variant of this creature's skull can be found in the Ghost Forest. The complete specimen would have been an estimated 1200–1500 meters long.

Data Bank Entry

The fossilized remains of an extinct super predator. Its sheer size would have prohibited it from entering such an enclosed space, suggesting the geography of the planet has shifted around it over time. A true apex predator.

  • Dated at approximately three million years old
  • Rib cage measurements suggest the creature was eel-like in structure
  • Calculations suggest this is only the front third of the specimen
  • The remains now support a vibrant microcosm of life

NOTE: There are a series of precise, angular indentations on the rib cage, suggesting a third party has taken samples from the specimen at a previous time.