The Gabe's Feather is a flora species found mainly in the Blood Kelp Zone. The Gabe's Feather Seed can be harvested by the player using a knife.

Appearance Edit

The Gabe's Feather features a bioluminescent cyan, feather-like branch growing out from its reddish brown stem.

The Feathers are bioluminescent and have dark brown vein-like lines all over them.

Data Bank EntryEdit

This plant grows almost exclusively in deeper waters, where its hand-like leaves have evolved to filter sediment from the environment. It is likely dependent on the excretions of fauna populating the waters above and around it.



  • The Gabe's Feather greatly resembles certain species of the real life sea pens.
  • Scott "Obraxis" MacDonald mentioned that Gabe's Feather is a reference to CEO and Managing Director of Valve, Gabe Newell, and "the two largest leaves are for the first two, while the third, smaller one is there, but might never get there". This is a reference to the infamous Half-Life series, whereas Half-Life Episode 1 and 2 have been released, but episode 3 is still unconfirmed.