This article is about the Floodlight. You may be looking for the Spotlight.

The Floodlight is an appliance that emits light in one direction. It can be crafted on the seabed or near Seabases by using the Habitat Builder.

Like the Spotlight, the Floodlight is Seabase powered. It will not provide lighting if the Seabase it is connected to does not have power.

When placing with the Habitat Builder, the Floodlight will be shown in three different colors. Red means you can't build it there. Yellow means you can build it, but it will be unpowered. Green means you can build it and it will be powered.

The Floodlight consumes 0.5 energy every 3 seconds.

In order to use this item, the player has to acquire its Blueprint by scanning Floodlights in Wrecks or in the Aurora.


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Data Bank Entry Edit

Work light

The standard issue floodlight is battery-powered, and designed to focus a bright beam of light in a single direction, useful in all kinds of industrial and emergency operations. Functions in all known environments. The battery is replaceable.

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Trivia Edit

  • Originally the Floodlight was powered by a battery instead by powered bases.
    • Despite the change, the data bank entry still says it is battery-powered.