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The Fire Extinguisher is a piece of Equipment that is used to combat fires using CO2 cartridges. One is found in the player's Lifepod, seen flying off its mounting during the intro sequence and used to combat a fire in the pod immediately after the player regains consciousness.

Multiple other Fire Extinguishers can be found in the Aurora.

It can also be crafted using the Fabricator. Early animations for the Fire Extinguisher can be viewed here.


The Fire Extinguisher can be used to put out the fire in the lifepod and in the Aurora.

It can also be used to push the player in the opposite direction if used underwater.


GlassGlassTitaniumTitaniumArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Fire Extinguisher

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  • While the Fire Extinguisher is listed a piece of equipment in the fabricator, it behaves more like the other Tools.

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