This article is about the Fins. You may be looking for the Swim Charge Fins or the Ultra Glide Fins.

The fabricator draws from available data to provide environment-appropriate equipment, using locally available materials. For your safety this setting cannot be overridden.


― PDA, Dialogue


Fins are a piece of Equipment crafted by using the Fabricator. The player must equip them in the feet slot of the paperdoll UI for the player to benefit from them. While equipped, they increase the player's Swimming Speed by +1 (+15%).

Fins are easy to craft and should thus be obtained as fast as possible. Fins are useful for exploring and catching fish in the early game.

Fins can be upgraded to Swim Charge Fins or Ultra Glide Fins by using the Modification Station.


Silicone RubberSilicone RubberArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Fins


FinsSilicone RubberSilicone RubberArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Ultra Glide Fins
FinsWiring KitArrow-right (1)Modification StationArrow-right (1)Swim Charge Fins

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