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Enzyme 42 is an enzyme found in almost every life form on Planet 4546B but is only produced by the Sea Emperor Leviathan and Sea Emperor Juveniles. It is the only known cure for Carar. The Precursors were investigating how to produce a cure using Enzyme 42. Peepers using the Alien Pipe System carry small amounts of the enzyme, having contracted it from the captive Sea Emperor Leviathan, distributing it throughout the planet.

The Sea Emperor Leviathan occasionally releases Enzyme 42 as a cloud whilst it swims around the aquarium, while the Juveniles release it as a solid ball of concentrated Enzyme 42. This may reflect the unstable nature of the captive's Enzyme.

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Bacterial Vaccine
Analysis of the enzyme-production organs in the sea emperor species indicates that it may be possible to permanently purge the alien bacteria from a human system with a sufficiently stable enzyme sample. Unfortunately the emperor specimen contained within the alien facility is in poor health and unlikely to produce enzyme with the necessary strength. A juvenile of the species would provide a higher chance of success.

Discovery: First encountered during routine network expansion on outer worlds.

Pandemic Development: Network error resulted in routine quarantine procedure failure. Contagion was uploaded to, and spread quickly through, the core worlds. Confirmed deaths: 143 billion individuals.

Bacterial Mechanisms: Attaches to healthy living cells and mutates the basic genetic structure.

Symptoms: Stage 1: None. Stage 2: Gradual immune system failure. Stage 3: Unpredictable alterations to biological structure. Stage 4: Complete shutdown of executive function.

Emergency Steps Taken: Core worlds quarantined. Bacterial samples distributed to isolated disease research facilities for vaccine development.

Treatment procedure: Unknown.

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  • The name might be a reference to Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.