Ecosystem-Player Events are the interaction between the player and life forms. They also include interactions inside the environment itself, such as a predator attacking a prey. These events can be based on many mechanics, such as light, motion, or player range. This page lists out the different events that happen in Subnautica.

Light-Based Events

  • The Oculus is afraid of light. Pointing a light source at one causes it to swim away hastily.
  • Jellyrays and Bonesharks are attracted by light. Their curiosity causes them to investigate light sources. Be careful while attempting this, as Bonesharks are very aggressive to the player.
  • Crabsquids will create an EMP blast when light is shined on them. This is risky, considering that the EMP can disable vehicles, tools, and even Seabases.
  • Bloom Plankton will change their light color based on what type of light they are "charged" with.

Motion-Based Events

  • Spadefish are afraid of motion they cannot see. Because their only eye is on top of their head, if something moves under them, the Spadefish will flee.

Sound-Based Events

  • Sea Treaders will emit loud, low calls that other Sea Treaders will respond to.
  • When a Stalker loses a tooth the player will hear a crunching noise.

Ecosystem-Environment Events

  • Stalkers are attracted to metal. They will swim around and pick up metal.
  • Sand Sharks will wait under the sand to attack Fauna.

Ecosystem-Ecosystem Events

  • Bleeders are attracted to all life forms - living or dead. This can be taken advantage of easily by the player. They can throw a fish at a bleeder to distract it and make their escape.
  • Stalkers enjoy eating Peepers. They can be seen chasing Peepers around, usually ending with a Peeper's death.
  • Gasopods will release their Gas Pods if any creature or the player gets too close to it.
  • Warpers will shoot a projectile that will teleport fauna or the player to a random location if something gets too close to it.
  • Warpers will become hostile towards fauna and/or the Player that are infected with the Kharaa Bacterium.
  • Crabsnakes often reside in Jellyshrooms, and will attack the player if they are approached while inside a Jellyshroom. They can also be seen peeking out of the mushrooms.
  • Tiger Plants will attack any and all Fauna that comes near it, including the Player.

Player-Ecosystem Events

  • Stalkers will eat fish out of the player's hand. Doing this causes them to be peaceful with the player and will bring them metal salvage, although this behaviour is temporary. 
  • Stalkers will also take pieces of metal salvage from the player's hand. Doing this causes them to be peaceful, but they will not bring the player metal salvage in return.

Player-Environment Events