Dive Suit

The All-Environment Protection Suit is a piece of equipment that the player begins the game wearing.

The Dive Suit is the basic dive suit the player begins with. Unlike available upgrades, this basic suit has no added features.

The Dive Suit takes up one slot in the player's inventory.


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Data Bank Entry Edit

The Alterra AEP Suit: A single solution for a universe of infinite danger

You are currently wearing the AEP suit: a hermetically-sealed personal environment, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions in the known universe.

  • Onboard temperature and hydration regulation
  • Compatible with a range of modifications for particular environments
  • Slimline build for maximum freedom of movement
  • Biometric sensors
  • Contextual heads-up display

AEP suits should always be equipped BEFORE lifepod launch, in case of hull breach.



  • Markings on the arm indicate that the Dive Suit has been designed or issued by the Alterra Corporation.