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In Subnautica there are many times where Dialogue will occur. Be wary that Dialogue can change during the development of the game.

Here is a list of all dialogue in the game.


Log-128 "The Aurora suffered orbital hull failure. Cause: unknown. Zero human life signs detected."
Log-128 "Environment: Uncharted ocean planet. Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Water contamination: high."

Standard DialogueEdit

Log-128 Low on Oxygen "(beep, beep) 30 seconds."
Log-128 When Oxygen is almost depleted "(beep) Oxygen!"
Log-128 Low on hunger "Warning! Calorie deficiency detected."
Log-128 Low on H20 "Dehydration detected."
Log-128 When the Cyclops has taken damage "Emergency! Hull breach detected!"
Log-128 When Seabase or Cyclops is repaired "Hull integrity restored. Draining systems initiated."
Log-128 Restoring Seabase's power "Power restored, all primary systems online."
Log-128 Entering the Cyclops "Welcome aboard Captain, all systems online."
Log-128 Entering Seabase, Seamoth or Prawn Suit "Welcome aboard Captain."
Log-128 Incoming message from Communications Relay "Captain, a new message has arrived."
Log-128 Interacting with the Communications Relay "Playing Message"
Log-128 Blueprint fully scanned "Blueprint acquired"
Log-128 When a fire is detected on board the cyclops "Warning, fire detected"
Log-128 When all fires are extinguished aboard a cyclops "Fires extinguished. air scrubbers initiated"


Log-128 "This PDA has rebooted with one directive: to keep you alive on an alien world."

Habitat CompartmentsEdit

Log-128 Alien Containment "Aquariums provide an ideal opportunity to study alien fauna up close. Select carefully which lifeforms you bring onboard - they may also be studying you."
Log-128 Bench "Warning: endorphin levels low. Consider taking a seat and meditating. It may help to remember that problems exist only where you choose to see them."
Log-128 Bioreactor "A reliable power source is a critical step toward self-sufficiency. Consider keeping a photo-journal of your achievements to motivate you in times of despair."
Log-128 Exterior Growbed "Farming alien plants is a proven survival strategy. Craig McGill survived 47 months on a healthy, raw salad of live tree-roaches and stankroot."
Log-128 Moonpool "After weeks without human contact, it is normal to experience psychological discomfort. Research indicates symptoms may be partly alleviated by adopting a pet, or anthropomorphizing an inanimate object."
Log-128 Multipurpose Room "It may be prudent to separate work and leisure spaces to maximize productivity. Treat this space as your home, but never forget that it is not."
Log-128 Nuclear Reactor "Exercise caution when handling radioactive materials. Exposure risks corrupting your PDA's recording of the circumstances of your death."
Log-128 Observatory "Unless constructed with a specific research task in mind, observatories and other glass modules are imprudent for survival purposes."
Log-128 Window "Windows improve the aesthetics of your habitat, at the expense of structural integrity."


Log-128 Habitat Builder "The builder tool is designed to construct habitats capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions."
Log-128 Survival Knife "Weapons were removed from lifepod fabricators following the massacre on Obraxis Prime. The survival knife is the only exception."
Log-128 Scanner "The scanner can be used to synthesize blueprints from salvaged technology, and to record alien biological data."
Log-128 Stasis Rifle "Motivational note. Craig McGill crash-landed in the acid swamps of Boreal 9, fought off arachnid kidney-poachers, and hijacked a tame starwhal. If he can do all that, you can survive one more day."

Basic MaterialsEdit

Log-128 Bleach "Bleach is an essential chemical used for cleaning wounds and purifying water."
Log-128 Lubricant "Lubricant is essential in construction of vehicles and power plants."

Raw MaterialsEdit

Log-128 Copper Ore "Copper is an essential component of all powered equipment. Your probability of survival has just increased to: unlikely, but plausible."
Log-128 Diamond "Remember that materials you gather are the property of the Alterra corporation. You will be liable to reimburse the full market price. Your current bill stands at 3 million credits."
Log-128 Silver "Silver-based computer chips are an essential component of the habitat builder."


Log-128 Fins "The fabricator draws from available data to provide environment-appropriate equipment, using locally available materials. For your safety this setting cannot be overridden."
Log-128 Radiation Suit "The status of the Aurora's crew, and the ship's long-range comm relay, is indeterminate. Exploring the crash site may provide further information."


Log-128 Cyclops "Be advised: the Cyclops is designed to be operated by a three-person crew. Only experienced helms-people should attempt to pilot this vehicle solo."
Log-128 Prawn Suit "It is normal when first piloting a Prawn suit to feel a sense of limitless power. Prawn operators receive weeks of training to counteract this phenomenon. You will have to make do with self-discipline."
Log-128 Seaglide "The seaglide will increase your effective exploration range. For your safety please pack supplies for long journeys, and stay within 5km of the nearest lifepod or habitat."
Log-128 Seamoth "The seamoth is a fast, safe mode of transport, but remember that swimming is good for your glutes and endorphin levels."

Fish & FoodEdit

Log-128 Bladderfish "Alien lifeforms may have unexpected applications. Utilizing alien resources is a proven survival strategy."
Log-128 Cooked Garryfish "It is common for those accustomed to synthetic foods to be repulsed by eating an animal carcass. Remember that humans survived this way for millennia. You can too."
Log-128 Cooked Hoverfish "Consider disguising the flavor of unsavory meats with salt, or locally sourced herbs and spices."
Log-128 Cooked Peeper "The fabricator cooks small organisms, while disposing of the skeletal structure, bodily fluids and internal organs, thus rendering them safe for human consumption."
Log-128 Disinfected Water "Preparing the day's water ration, ahead of time, will help ensure against dehydration, and eventual death."


Log-128 Blood Kelp Zone "This ecological biome matches 7 of the 9 preconditions for stimulating terror in humans."
Log-128 Bulb Zone "Detecting volcanic activity, and several unusual electromagnetic signatures in the region."
Log-128 Crashed ship "Lifeform readings in this region are sparse. The Aurora's radioactive fallout will have devastating effects on the alien ecosystem if not contained within the next 24 hours."
Log-128 Crash Zone "Hazardous radiation detected. Fabricate a radiation suit to protect against undesirable side effects."
Log-128 Deep Grand Reef "Detecting a titanium mass somewhere in this area. Unable to confirm whether it originated on the Aurora."
Log-128 Dunes "Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you're doing is worth it?"
Log-128 Floating Island "Picking up multiple faint energy signatures on the surface."
Log-128 Grassy Plateaus "Short range scans suggest this biome supports extensive biodiversity both above and below the surface."
Log-128 Jelly Shroom Caves "The conditions in this cave support a microcosm of unique, possibly predatory lifeforms. Try to anticipate unanticipated threats."
Log-128 Jelly Shroom Caves "Congratulations, survivor: you have exceeded your weekly exercise quotient by 500%. Data indicates that swimming was your favorite activity. Be sure to vary your routine for uniform muscle development."
Log-128 Kelp Forest "Life on this planet grows in distinct and diverse ecological biomes. Further study recommended."
Log-128 Kelp Forest Caves "Be advised: a common complication for cave divers is loss of orientation, followed by eventual asphyxiation."
Log-128 Lost River "Terrain scans indicate this biome contains unusually high concentrations of organic and fossilized remains."
Log-128 Mountains "Detecting massive energy signature in the region. Cannot identify."
Log-128 Mountain Range Caves "Local scans indicate an abundance of mineral deposits in this area."
Log-128 Mushroom Forest "The biomass in this area is dominated by plantlife. Picking up faint Alterra technology signatures."
Log-128 Mushroom Forest Caves "You are currently inside a long-calcified root system. Evidence suggests it was eaten away by other lifeforms over many centuries to form these natural caves."
Log-128 Safe Shallows Caves "Detecting sulphur deposits in the local cave systems. Sulphur is an essential component of the repair tool."
Log-128 Sea Treader's Path "Damage to plantlife on the seafloor suggests this may be the migration path of a huge, bottom-dwelling lifeform."
Log-128 Sparse Reef "Biodiversity in this region is unusually low. Cause unknown."
Log-128 Underwater Islands "Erosion patterns on the landmasses suspended here suggest they once floated on the surface."


Log-128 "Detecting increased local radiation levels. Trend is consistent with damage to the Aurora's drive core, sustained during planetfall."
Log-128 "Caution. Continued degradation of the Aurora's drive core may result in a quantum detonation. Continuing to monitor."
Log-128 "Warning. Local radiation readings suggest the Aurora's drive core has reached critical state. Quantum detonation will occur within 2 hours. Advise observing a 10km safety range."
Log-128 "Emergency: A quantum detonation has occurred in the Aurora's drive core. The reactor will reach a super critical state in T- 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-"
Aurora Explode

Aurora LocationsEdit

Log-128 Aurora Entry "Warning: ship's structural integrity is low. Exploration is conducted at your own risk."
Log-128 Aurora, further in "Caution: scans show the digestive tracts of nearby lifeforms contain human tissues."
Log-128 Aurora Interior "Aurora systems are running on local reserve power. Unable to remotely download black box data."
Log-128 Aurora Hallway "Scans of damage to the Aurora do not match any known offensive technologies."
Log-128 Aurora Drive Entry "The drive core shielding sustained internal damage during collision. Do not attempt repair without appropriate qualifications."
Log-128 Aurora Drive Interior "Warning: local radiation at maximum tolerable level."

Communications Relay WarningEdit

Log-128 "Be advised: the radio onboard your lifepod malfunctioned during planetfall. Prioritize repair to increase rescue probability."


Lost River Base LogsEdit

Log-128 "This alien structure appears to have collapsed to the sea floor. Cause unknown. Computing theories."
Log-128 "Detecting an alien broadcast. Linguistic analysis reads: 'Caution: hazardous materials and lifeforms contained within."
Log-128 "Data pertaining to the bacterium is being downloaded. Caution: detecting atypical fluctuations in blood plasma proteins. A self scan is strongly advised"
Log-128 "Signal for alien thermal plant added."
Log-128 "Interior walls in this section are substantially reinforced, indicating the designers were seeking either to keep something out, or contain it within. Whatever their intention, it failed."
Log-128 "There is evidence that this facility once housed live specimens. Biological analysis suggests they expired approximately 1,000 years ago."
Log-128 "Residual biological evidence suggests indigenous lifeforms were brought to this location and subjected to intensive study."

Lava CastleEdit

Log-128 "The volcanic rock which has formed in this area can be carbon-dated to between 800 and 3,000 earth years ago."
Log-128 "Detecting alien materials and a massive local energy mass in the 1,000 megawatt range."

Precursor LocationsEdit

Log-128 Precursor Gun "Scans indicate this structure is composed of a metal alloy with unprecedented integrity. No matches found in database. Performing structural analysis."
Log-128 Precursor Gun "Analysis of the patterns on the walls cannot ascertain whether their purpose is aesthetic or functional. Further data required."
Log-128 Precursor Gun "Your best probability of interfacing with this facility is achieved by accessing the control room in the lower section."
Log-128 Precursor Gun "A background message is being broadcast throughout this facility. Partial translation available. Message reads:

WARNING: unidentified craft in orbit of this planet will be destroyed ▛▖ prevent the ┗┏▀▄▖┗▜▚┣ ┣┅▄▚┃▞▙ ▞┃▛▖┛┣┫▙▚┃.."

Log-128 Precursor Gun Control Room "Scans indicate the facility's control room lies beyond this doorway."
Log-128 Precursor Gun Disable Denied "Translating alien broadcast... WARNING: Infected individuals may not disable the enforcement system. This planet is under quarantine."
Log-128 Precursor Gun Disabled "Message received: Planetary quarantine lifted. Quarantine enforcement platform disabled. Fly well."
Log-128 Precursor Gun Finder "This device appears to be configured to respond to concentrations of infected specimens. It may be possible to use it to locate the source of the contagion."
Log-128 Hint from Gun to Lost River Base "Scans of available alien data indicate the presence of a second facility elsewhere on the planet. Evidence suggests it is located 800m below sea level, approximately 1km south-west of this installation. Information recorded to data bank."
Log-128 Prison Moonpool "Translating local alien broadcast... WARNING: Vaccine development program terminated. Emperor egg hatching project terminated. Live specimens terminated. Evacuate immediately."
Log-128 Prison Aquarium "Unlike other alien facilities, scans indicate this location supports a diverse and healthy ecosystem. Explanation unclear at this time."
Log-128 Prison Aquarium "The creatures' symptoms are being alleviated by the clouds of stomach enzyme being emitted by the leviathan. Scans indicate the enzyme is too unstable to act as a permanent vaccine."
Log-128 Prison Aquarium "Detecting unusually passive behavioral patterns in nearby predators. Reason unknown."
Log-128 Prison Aquarium "Environment scans indicate the water here is rich with a rare, plankton-like lifeform which depends on the organic detritus produced by the ecosystem around it."
Log-128 Prison Aquarium "The plant life in this area is growing outside its normal conditions. Other lifeforms fertilizing and pruning the vegetation may be offsetting this environmental deficit."


Log-128 "PDA: Picking up orbital transponder signature of trading vessel Sunbeam. Vessel is approaching planet surface and initiating surface scanning procedures. Detecting massive power surge from anomalous contact. Energy discharge detected. Vessel signature lost."
Log-128 "PDA: Attention - Patching in a local broadcast from the Sunbeam.

I don't believe it, there's someone down there! Aurora survivor, we have your PDA signature! I don't know how you walked away from that wreck, let alone survived since then, but we'll be happy to bring you onboard and hightail back to federation space.###-2000
Stand back, we're approaching the landing site now. Breaking atmosphere in 5... 4... 3...###2000 What is that? No the RED spike.###2000
From the planet?!


Trivia Edit

  • Due to the fact the AI at the beginning used to say "In the late 22nd century...", Subnautica is believed to take place between 2145-2199, explaining the high-tech items in-game. This message can be played below.
    Old Intro
  • There are different voices speaking in certain dialogue, the voices change depending on where the player is. ex: The Standard female voice is there most of the game, but in a Seabase, Seamoth, Prawn Suit, and Cyclops the voices change. This may be due to the fact the player fabricates computer chips for all of these things, so it is possible computer chips contain AI's.
    • However, this may not be true, due to the fact that many other items are used with computer chips but they do not have their own AI.
  • Obraxis Prime is a reference to one of the Subnautica developers, Scott "Obraxis" MacDonald.
  • "You've been down too long in the midnight sea.", was a reference to the song Holy Diver by the US heavy metal band DIO.