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This article is about the Destroyed Lifepods. You may be looking for the Aurora or Wrecks.

Destroyed Lifepods are small survival vessels that were launched from the Aurora during its descent. While several lifepods survived initially, by the time the player wakes after being unconscious for 3 hours in Lifepod 5, it was the only one still intact, the others having sunk or been attacked.

The player can receive Signals pointing to the locations of Destroyed Lifepods from the Communications Relay. Bear in mind, though, that sometimes the coordinates will be slightly off, with some coordinates showing a surface location when the actual lifepod has sunk to the bottom of the seafloor.

As of now, nine Destroyed Lifepods are present in-game.

Most Destroyed Lifepods contain abandoned PDAs with Data Downloads, and Data Boxes left by their occupants.


Lifepod Biome Coordinates Items Occupant(s)
Lifepod 2
2nd Blood Kelp Zone -489 -500 1328

Unnamed Engineer

Lifepod 3A
Safe Shallows -142 -2 -417 Unnamed Crew
Unnamed Passenger
Lifepod 3B
Kelp Forest -21 -18 410 Unnamed Crew
Destroyed Escape Pod 4
Lifepod 4
Crash Zone 717 -7 161
Lifepod 6
Grassy Plateaus 354 -110 316 2 Unnamed Crew
20160827194318 1
Lifepod 12
Koosh Zone 1117 -268 568 Danby
20160827194314 1
Lifepod 13
Mushroom Forest -919 -177 508 Khasar
20170415232558 1
Lifepod 17
Grassy Plateaus -521 -93 -58 LaFette
Lifepod 19
Lifepod 19
Sparse Reef -808, -298, -873 Keen

Future Plans Edit

  • Destroyed Lifepods will sometimes have Time Capsules left by other players.[1]


References Edit

  1. Dated August 30th, 2016.

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