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This article is about the Deep Shroom. You may be looking for the Acid Mushroom.

The Deep Shroom is a hazardous type of life form belonging to the flora category. It is found in the Blood Kelp Caves, often near the roots of Blood Kelp, in small clusters. It is also found in the Lost River, and along the sides of the Sea Treader's Tunnel Caves. It can be used as a raw material in the manufacturing of Hydrochloric Acid.

The player can either pick it up by hand or by using a knife to harvest Deep Shroom Spores. Be careful however, because harvesting in this manner can cause damage to the player, surrounding base structures, and nearby flora.

The Deep Shroom, and its spores, can be planted in an Exterior Growbed or in an Alien Containment.

Despite bieng a close cousin to the regular Acid Mushroom, it cannot be fabricated into Batteries.


The Deep Shroom looks exactly the same as the Acid Mushroom as they share the same model, save for the difference in coloration.

Instead of the usual purplish cap and pink stem, the Deep Shroom bears a pale violet white cap, and a dark grey stem.


Like the Acid Mushroom, the Deep Shroom posses highly acidic compounds in its flesh that leeches into the water if its outer-skin is pierced. As such, harvesting spores from the Deep Shroom with a Knife triggers its acidic flesh defense, dealing 8 damage.

Do take note that a chain reaction could happen, with one Deep Shroom being destroyed damaging other surrounding Deep Shrooms. This chain reaction can instantly kill a player, wreck a Seabase or heavily damage Vehicles so it is advised to separate the Deep Shrooms before you harvest them.

In addition, fluctuations in the local water pressure cause it to shrink, as such, when the player approaches the Deep Shroom, it will shrink, only returning to its original form after a period of time or when the player leaves.

Uses in Crafting Edit

Deep ShroomDeep ShroomDeep ShroomSalt DepositArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Hydrochloric Acid

Energy ValueEdit

Deep ShroomArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×10

Data Bank EntryEdit

Deep Shroom

A discolored relative of the acid mushroom, adapted to low-light conditions.


Trivia Edit

  • The Deep Shroom is a subspecies of the Acid Mushroom found in shallower biomes. Its difference in colouration is thus an evolutionary mechanic, which can also be found in many real-life animal and plant species - a direct result of the loss of pigmentation due to restrictions in available nutrients.
  • Certain Trello notes refer to the Deep Shroom as the Ghost Mushroom.

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