This article is about the Deep Grand Reef. You may be looking for the Grand Reef.

Detecting a titanium mass somewhere in this area. Unable to confirm whether it originated on the Aurora.


― PDA, Dialogue


The Deep Grand Reef is a large cave system located beneath the Grand Reef, featuring many hydrothermal vents.


Though it lacks the Membrain Trees found in the Grand Reef, it shares the same Floating Stones. The Deep Grand Reef is considerably more dangerous than the Grand Reef as it is home to many Crabsquids, capable of disabling electrical devices such as Flashlights and vehicles.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

At the deepest point in this area, there is an entrance to the Lost River.

The final Degasi seabase left by the Degasi survivors can be found in the Deep Grand Reef.


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