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I think I'm going to die down here.

Danby, Data Downloads


Medical Officer Danby was a crew member on board the Aurora. He escaped the ship in Lifepod 12, which crashed in the Bulb Zone.

Danby was showing stages of advanced the Carar Bacterium infection shortly before he died.

Relevant Data Download

I am not a doctor. I know that's what my ID card says, but I never have been. You know how I passed the medical exams? Planted a scanner in my top pocket and fed the instructions to an earpiece. Who wouldn't?! What does a doctor these days need to know about manually resetting bones? When was the last time a top surgeon actually cut someone open? That's what the robots are for! And you know what? I was damned good at my job. Don't need to pass a medical exam to point a scanner at a patient and read out the diagnosis.

I can't believe my arrogance finally caught up with me.

What good is a damn scanner when it's not connected to the main network? I'm bleeding all over... I've got glowing green pustules growing on my hands... I run a self-scan and it tells me I've got skin irritation?! Fabricate a first aid kit, it says! Sure, I remember sitting in a lecture theatre chatting to the pretty thing in the row behind me. The hell do I remember how to make bleach and clean a wound.

I think I'm going to die down here.


  • After contracting the Carar Bacterium, Danby managed to develop cysts within a few hours of infection, despite the cysts occurring a long while after initial contact in the Player.