This article is about Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module for the Cyclops. You may be looking for Engine Efficiency Module which is for the Seamoth or the Prawn Suit.

The Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module is an Upgrade Module that increases the Engine Efficiency of the Cyclops by 100% (the default Cyclops engine efficiency is 300%). When the player has added the Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module to the Cyclops, the total engine efficiency will now be 400%. It can be added by placing the module inside a Cyclops' upgrade console located in the engine room.

The Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module can only be crafted after being found in the console at the center of the power generator room of the Aurora after the explosion.

The effects of Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module stack to achieve 700% engine efficiency using four modules, though this is not possible in normal gameplay as only one of these upgrades can be acquired.


Trivia Edit

  • The item description used to say "Just for you, Jacksepticeye!", a nod to streamer and Youtuber Jacksepticeye, who helped popularize the game.