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This article contains information that is updated for the latest Experimental Version of Subnautica. Players using stable mode may find this information inaccurate.

The Cute Fish is a passive species of fauna that has yet to be implemented and can only be spawned using debug commands.


The Cute Fish's body is small, grey in color on the dorsal side, has a white bioluminescent glow on the ventral side, and the white stripe running down its forehead and back. It has a sightly bloated belly and possesses no dorsal or caudal fins, sporting only a stubby pair of pectoral fins. Its body also features many small, wart-like lumps.

The Cute Fish's head has two black, slightly bulging eyes, along with a wide mouth and two small holes that seem to be nostrils.

At the end of the Cute Fish's body there are five tentacles that have the same body color pattern. A white bio-luminescent stripe is seen running along the length of its body, from the top of its head to its rear-side.


The Cute Fish will use its tentacles to propel itself in any direction and will swim around aimlessly on its own or group together with other Cute Fish. It seems to have a fear of Stalkers, and will quickly swim away if a Stalker gets close to it.

The Cute Fish may follow the player around, darting in circles and letting out various chirping noises. The player can make it stop/start following them using RMB.

The player can play with it using LMB. It has various play actions, such as "high fives"[1] or "cuddles"[2].

Future PlansEdit

  • Cute Fish eggs will be implemented in the future.

Data Bank EntryEdit


This thing defies categorization. But it seems to like you.



  • Originally, the Cute Fish was going to be a pet only given to Early Access players or those buying the Special Edition. However, this was changed as the developers did not have time to implement the Special Edition.[3]
  • The sounds of the Cute Fish are similar to those of a human baby.
  • The Cute Fish was originally the first Crashfish, as seen in the Concept Art; however, the developers thought that it was "too cute" and thus created the Crashfish, and made the Cute Fish a pet.
  • It may have been inspired by the porcupine fish because of their similar faces, the spines on their bodies, and how the Cute Fish puffs up in its concept art.
  • On the Sketchfab page, Cute Fish is spelled "Qute Fish." This is a result of the modeler misspelling it, as English was not their native language.[4]
  • A Cute Fish egg can be found on Sketchfab.
  • Before it was decided that the Cute Fish would be a pet, it was planned to spawn in the Twisty Bridges.
  • The name "Cute Fish" is likely temporary.[5]


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