Creepvine is a flora species that grows exclusively within Kelp Forests. By knifing them, the player can acquire Creepvine Samples. The player can collect Creepvine Seed Clusters from Creepvines.

Appearance Edit

Creepvines are towering, green, kelp-like plants. They attach to the seabed, with some reaching the water's surface.

The central stipe is surrounded by smaller kelp blades. These blades increase in size and density the closer they are to the surface.

Some Creepvines grow out Creepvine Seed Clusters about halfway up the stalk, which emit a yellow bioluminescent glow.


Creepvines can be grown by the player via the Exterior Growbed or double stacked Alien Containment. Both Creepvine Seed Clusters and Creepvine samples can be planted to grow mature plants.

While planted, the seed clusters of the flora produce large Creepvines that have seeds, while the samples become long, thin, seedless Creepvines, upon reaching adulthood.

Data Bank Entry Edit

A kelp species concentrated in large forests, in shallow, sandy waters. Loose roots anchor the plant to the sea floor, from where it grows steadily toward the surface in pursuit of sunlight.

The stem is fibrous and rich in iron, making it both a viable food stuff, and base material for fabrication of textiles.

Assessment: Vital alien resource - Edible - Medicinal - Construction Applications

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