The Crashfish Plant is a flora species that lives in a symbiotic relationship with the Crashfish.


When the player gets too close, the Crashfish Plant quickly opens up like a flower, revealing the Crashfish inside. If the player continues to approach, the Crashfish will charge the player. Once the plant is empty, the player can harvest the Cave Sulphur inside.

If left undisturbed, the Crashfish Plant will spawn a new Crashfish in the next 15-20 minutes, which could be prevented by destroying it by using the knife. However, once the plant is destroyed, its powder is no longer harvestable.

Data Bank EntryEdit

This plant species appears to share a symbiotic relationship with the aquatic lifeform that nests inside it. The petal-like structures appear undamaged when the lifeform emerges, and likely remain open until the nest is reclaimed by the original owner, or another.

Further information on this relationship is not possible from studying the plant in isolation.

Trace amounts of a sulphuric residue have been detected on the inner leaves.

Assessment: The sulphuric powder may have applications in the construction of the repair tool