The Crashfish is a defensive fauna species found only in caves, most of the time in Safe Shallows Caves.

The Crashfish is a defensive mechanism for a type of flora known as the Crashfish Plant.


The Crashfish is a round, oval shaped fish with a wide mouth and one eye with a large black pupil in front. On its back, along with each side of its body, protrude spikes aligning backwards when it swims forward, and is able to extend even longer when being threatened.

The Crashfish sports two sets of finlike protrusions emitting a red bioluminescent glow and has a distinctive red color on the top of its body, with white spots on the sides. Its mouth and underside are white in color.


Upon sensing the player's presence, the Crashfish Plant opens up like a flower and emits a menacing gurgle, revealing the Crashfish inside.

If the player approaches any further, the Crashfish will charge at the player with a threatening noise, otherwise, if the player backs off, the Crashfish  will retreat back into the Crashfish Plant. After a short period of time, the Crashfish explodes, causing damage to the player, the vicinity, or even the Seamoth. If the Crashfish explodes next to a Seamoth with the player inside, it could destroy the Seamoth regardless of how much health it has, however the Crashfish has a less likely chance to destroy the Seamoth if it has the Hull Reinforcement upgrade. Should an unaware player not see the Crashfish after hearing its warning noise, it is highly advised to swim in the other direction from where the sound originated.

Crashfish also deal about 45% damage to a Prawn Suit, making them a very real threat to it.

The Crashfish is very fast, so fast that it can even out run a Seamoth, and can also easily catch up with a poorly equipped player, dealing severe damage to their health and also to their Oxygen level.

While the Crashfish is also scannable inside the Crashfish Plant, caution is advised when attempting this process. The easiest and fastest way is to freeze the Crashfish with a Stasis Rifle as it peeks out of its home to scan it.

Crashfish eggs can be found near Crashfish Plants. Take care when collecting them, as a nearby Crashfish explosion will destroy them. 

Infant Crashfish can be used as ammo for the Propulsion Cannon, and can be used as a type of bomb. It can be noted that when inside Alien ContainmentCrashfish will not explode.

Energy ValueEdit

CrashfishArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×2000
CrashEggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×250

Future PlansEdit

  • Crashfish may occasionally leave their Crashfish Plant and swim around the area near their plant, in this state they will not attack the player.[Citation needed]

Data Bank EntryEdit


This bizarre species has developed an emergency defense mechanism based upon mutually assured destruction. Concentrations of sulfur build up in the organism over time, likely a byproduct of its diet. If the crashfish collides with something at sufficient speed the spikes on its torso are impacted, triggering an explosive chemical reaction.

  1. Forward-mounted Eye:
    Enables the creature to identify and track potential predators.
  2. Crashfish Plant:
    Data points to an evolved symbiosis with a local plant species. Hypothesis: the plant evolved to feed on sulphuric compounds secreted by the crashfish. Stronger, more protective plants provided superior nesting grounds, which in turn benefited the plant with more nutrients.

Assessment: The sulphuric powder may have applications in the construction of the repair tool



  • The Crashfish can be used to the advantage to the player, especially if they have a Propulsion Cannon on hand.
  • The old name for the Crashfish was the Crash
    • It was renamed in order to prevent confusion in the changelogs, between "game crashes" and the actual creature itself.[Citation needed]
  • the Cutefish was originally supposed to be the Crashfish, but the developers decided it was too cute.[Citation needed]