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"Increased radiation levels detected."
―PDA, Dialogue

The Crash Zone is the Biome in which the Aurora crashed. It is characterized by rocky slopes and deep trenches covered with sand, and mostly littered with debris from the crashed spaceship. This biome is definitely one of the eeriest biomes due to its open spaces and numerous Reaper Leviathans. The Crash Zone is also currently the largest biome in Subnautica.

Description Edit

The Crash Zone is located on the easternmost part of the map, surrounded by a Kelp Forest, Safe Shallows, the Koosh Zone, a Mushroom Forest, the Crag Field, and a Grassy Plateaus. Located behind the ship is a trench created by the crash and littered with debris, which is also guarded by six Reaper Leviathans.

The safest way to cross the Crash Zone is to follow the Safe Shallows as close as possible, then stick to the shallowest parts of the Crash Zone. If attempting to enter the Aurora, it only takes a brief trip through deeper waters, although a Reaper Leviathan can frequently be found West of the entrance. The "landing" inside is shallow enough to provide some safety for embarking and disembarking. It requires a radiation suit and ideally should be done with a Seamoth, as there is a radiation field around the perimeter.

There is an entrance to the Inactive Lava Zone right below the front of the Aurora.

There is a small amount of dry land on the eastern side of the Aurora and has some resources on it, but no flora.

There are few flora species in the Crash Zone, but a wide variety of fauna. The harvesting nodes typically found in the area makes the Crash Zone a good source for raw crafting materials.

Future Plans Edit


For a more complete gallery, visit Crash Zone/Gallery


  • Before the reorganization of fragment locations, parts of Cyclops and other fragments spawned continuously on the dunes on the port side of the ship, making the Crash Zone a great source for Titanium.

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