This article is about the Crabsnake. You may be looking for the Crabsquid.

The Crabsnake is a large, aggressive fauna species found exclusively in the Jelly Shroom Caves, where they reside in the Jellyshrooms.

As an aggressive creature, it will attack the player on approach and deals 35% damage to their healthbar.

Appearance Edit

The Crabsnake has a long, serpentine body. It also has two long, translucent fins along the sides of its body, which undulate as it moves. The fins also emit a violet bioluminescent glow.

The top of its body is pink, with horizontal reddish-brown stripes every few feet along its entire length, along with many bright purple dorsal spots. Its underside is pale gray in color.

The Crabsnake's head sports a pair of small fangs in its mouth, along with a much larger pair of black-tipped claws around it. It has no visible eyes.

Behavior Edit

The Crabsnake waits inside a Jellyshroom in an upright position until the player gets too close. At that point it will spring out and grab them as a surprise attack. While being attacked by the Crabsnake the player is trapped in the same way they would be while being attacked by the Reaper Leviathan. Sometimes, after having finished its attacks, the Crabsnake falls back into the mushroom; other times it will leave and swims around the area. Unless agitated again by the player, it will eventually return to the Jellyshroom and wait again.

Crabsnakes will lay their eggs inside the Jellyshroom. They can only be accessed after the Crabsnake leaves.

If a small fish, such as an Eyeye or an Oculus swims into the entrance of a Jellyshroom with a Crabsnake inside, the Crabsnake will attack and kill it.

It will also leave its mushroom on its own so it can patrol the surrounding area, or seek out another mushroom to reside in. The Crabsnake will attack the Seamoth for minor damage, the Prawn Suit for very minor damage, and will ignore the Cyclops.

Crabsnakes can be observed peeking out of Jellyshrooms if the player approaches one in their submersible. They will not attack, however, and instead will let out hissing noises before going back into their mushroom.

When Crabsnakes are exposed to damage, they will shake violently. If it is near a Jellyshroom after taking damage, it will attempt to flee into it.

Energy ValueEdit

CrabsnakeArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×4500
Crabsnake EggArrow-right (1)BioreactorArrow-right (1)Energy×500

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Data Bank EntryEdit


This lifeform appears to live in symbiosis with the jellyshroom. All encountered specimens have been located within 50m of jellyshroom flora, frequently within the plants themselves.

  • Capable of rapid movement when striking its prey
  • Large twin claws mounted around the oral cavity penetrate or latch onto prey
  • Displays territorial behavior, patrolling the cave systems in which they reside
  • Presence of crabsnakes may deter herbivores from feeding on the jellyshroom itself

Assessment: Avoid

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Trivia Edit

  • It's possible for Crabsnake to re-enter its home mushroom with the player inside it.
  • The Crabsnake will attempt to reach its spawn point to "hide in" if spawned, even without a Jellyshroom.