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Coral are life forms found all over the world. Samples can be harvested from some of them using the Survival Knife or the Thermoblade, although most are unharvestable.

Currently Available Corals

Coral Biome
Purple Brain Coral Fauna
Brain Coral
Shell Plate Fauna
Coral Shell Plate
Earthen Coral Tubes
Earthen Coral Tubes
Coral Tube Fauna
Giant Coral Tubes
Blue Coral Tubes Fauna
Jordi's Tung
Pyrocoral Fauna
Slanted Shell Plate Fauna
Slanted Shell Plate
Table Coral Flora
Table Coral
Coral Tree Fauna
Tree Mushroom
Unnamed Coral Species A
Skull Coral Fauna
Unnamed Coral Species B
Lost River Cave Coral Fauna
Unnamed Coral Species C
Lost River Brine Coral Fauna
Unnamed Coral Species D

Currently Unused Coral

Coral Biome
Unused Reefback Coral
Unnamed Coral Species E
Brain Coral Small Fauna
"Brain Coral Small"


  • Unnamed Coral Species C, D and E were originally meant to spawn on the backs of Reefback Leviathans[1], but C and D were moved to the 'Lost River. it is currently unknown where E will spawn if it does get added.
  • Although coral and fauna are sorted separately in the PDA, corals are actually animals. This is because they do not make their own food and eat microscopic creatures instead. The "skeleton" of a coral is actually just limestone.